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Record. Review. Results.

2ndLook is the simplest way to record and review video captured from PC-connected cameras. With support for USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and DirectShow (webcam) devices, it's never been easier to record high frame rate, high resolution video from these industrial and scientific cameras.

Simple, Efficient Design

2ndLook is all about ease of use and is the culmination of our 20+ years of experience in developing software and hardware for video recording. A simplified user interface has been fine-tuned and focused on getting the video needed... fast. The new "Record" and "Review" perspectives separate the two main operations showing the right controls when needed. Showing live video instantly is an easy way to see that the system is configured properly. The pronounced recording time and capacity bar give a user the confidence that a long term test can be completed successfully. Connect a camera and then hit Record; it's that easy!

IO Industries GenICam driver

Some camera manufacturers require that their driver software be used which can restrict the devices that can be connected to the PC after installation. 2ndLook uses a camera-independent GenICam driver which means that camera manufacturer software doesn't need to be installed when using GenICam-compliant USB3 Vision or GigE Vision cameras. This makes using cameras from different manufacturers a seamless process and doesn't interfere with peripheral devices like USB3 external drives.

New Benchmark tool

The new Benchmark tool enables the testing of a recording drive without needing a camera. This tool gives a user the confidence that the capacity and recording speed will be able to match the recording requirements. Only need a short recording? 2ndLook can buffer frames to memory and read them out when the recording is complete. The Benchmark tool will indicate if the recording drive won't be able to keep up with the speed of connected cameras and how long the system will be able to record directly to memory without dropping frames.

High speed recording for all

Using 2ndLook and a laptop with two USB3 ports, a USB3 Vision camera can be recorded right to an external USB3 drive. Additionally, most USB3 cameras can be powered over their cable which means that video can be recorded and reviewed, at hundreds of frames per second, all working from a consumer grade laptop.

Flexible File-Based Recording

2ndLook has the ability to record directly to many popular file formats. As an example, choosing to record directly to TIFF files will mean that when the recording is finished, the images are immediately available for processing by an image analysis application. 2ndLook can get the video needed, in the format required, quicker and easier than ever!

New support portal

All of the answers to frequently asked 2ndLook questions can be found in our support portal: support.ioindustries.com. Create an account to access the knowledge base and feel free to leave a comment, we'd love feedback on 2ndLook!

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